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Welcome to Aquababies Surrey teaching you and your child the necessary skills to become a strong swimmer. We hope you enjoy browsing our website, where we try to show some of the magic of teaching your baby to swim, as well as giving you plenty of practical information on our swimming classes for children.

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We are one of the original specialist providers of baby swimming lessons and swimming classes for babies & toddlers. Aquababies have successfully taught tens of thousands of young children and babies to swim for over 20 years. Aquakiddies/Babies swimming lessons strongly emphasize having fun as we believe enjoyment to be vital for your babies health whilst teaching essential swimming skills. Our baby & toddler swimming classes are carefully designed and structured to allow for your baby’s needs so that you and your baby enjoy the whole experience and experience the full benefits of baby swimming.

During the swimming classes for babies and toddlers, parents are present in the water and are taught the best way to teach a baby to swim. We have observed that this time spent by parents and their children in the pool is an excellent bonding opportunity and a lot of fun as well. Parents will learn how to safely and easily help their baby to feel at ease both above and below the water’s surface and thus enjoy swimming.

Swimming is the only sport that we can all do from the moment we are born until we are old and grey. By introducing the breathing exercises that are taught in our swimming for babies program, heart and lung output increases, increasing cardio vascular activity that in turn leads to increased stamina. A very welcome benefit of swimming for babies and parents is the improved eating and sleeping patterns that are usually experienced by the babies.


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